Music Brings Us Together.

Regardless of your age, skill level, or circumstances, the joy of playing piano is at your fingertips.

Music Can Change Lives.

Music is our first language.  We were “jamming” when we were babbling as babies and the process was lighting up our brains!

Learning music should be fun, engaging, and empowering. When we were children our parents sang us nursery rhymes, and later we enjoyed the thrill of our first concert. Even during the holidays, those of us who are most shy about expressing ourselves, sing carols spontaneously to get in the holiday spirit and connect with our loved ones.

Music impacts our well-being, builds our communities, and teaches valuable life skills.  You can play too. Are you ready?

We’ve all been there: on the big stage in our imagination.  Realize your dreams, and take the first step toward growing your musicianship. 

The sooner you become a musician, the sooner you’ll share the gift of music with the rest of the world.

Meet Buddy.

A soulful jazz keyboardist and producer, Charles Rieger, aka Buddy, has garnered praise for his cross-genre, jazz-influenced style.

What People Are Saying.

“Buddy has been my piano teacher for four years. I am an adult student and my experience with Buddy has been fantastic. I will continue with Charles for as long as I continue to take lessons.”

Michele E.

“Buddy is a terrific piano teacher. He takes the time to figure out each kid’s personality and tries different approaches that may work best for each kid. All three of my kids go to him and They are always happy when they get in the car after their lesson.”

Chris S.

“Buddy has been a fellow musician in several bands over the years with me, and is amazing at communicating the joys of music through his teaching and playing.

He has a real passion for teaching, especially for beginning musicians, and really fosters a creative environment. He’s also very understanding and easy to work with, a real professional. I highly recommend Buddy for any future gigs or private music lessons.”

Suren J.

“Excellent at adapting his instruction to the students understanding and ability.”

Lisa D.

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