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Piano & Guitar Instruction.

Buddy offers expert instruction for students learning piano and guitar. His education program includes an in-depth study of how the student learns best. We are all unique and respond differently depending on our learning style (i.e. audio, visual, kinesthetic, etc.). To maximize learning, it is crucial to integrate the best learning style(s) for the student. 

He also uses song-based learning where the student will choose the songs they want to learn. Selecting tunes that the student knows and loves is the best way to encourage playing between lessons.

Once a comfortable level is established, musicians are highly encouraged to participate in performance opportunities to showcase their skills and advance their musicianship.

Steps for Enrollment.


Schedule a call to discuss lessons for you or your child. It’s important to have an initial conversation to learn more about the student.


Schedule an enrollment lesson. This is the meet and greet to determine if our collaboration is going to be a great fit moving forward.


Discuss instrument needs. If you already have an instrument, that’s great! If not, Buddy can help you obtain an instrument that’s perfect for your playing level.


Pick your favorite music. It’s important for Buddy to know what music you like, as this will influence the focus of your musical studies.


Play music!

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"It was made clear to me that Music is related to everything, especially nature and language, but in order to speak it naturally, I had to first make myself a part of it."

- Victor L. Wooten

"A child playing air-guitar plays no wrong notes."

- Victor L. Wooten

"When playing music, it is possible to achieve a unique sense of peace."

- Daniel Barenboim

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