A Musical Network.

Buddy’s extensive, cross-genre collaborations have afforded him the opportunity to connect with some of the region’s most talented musicians, teachers, music industry pros, audio engineers, schools, and cultural institutions.

Relationships were established across generations, beginning with my Buddy’s mother and grandmother, who were both dedicated music instructors.  Over the years, Buddy forged ahead to create his own network that included a younger generation of passionate artists and musical patrons.

Buddy is a member of the vast music performance and education community in Pittsburgh. 

If you need a teacher in another location or would like to tap into his network please reach out.  Anything from vocal instructors to audio engineers, if you are looking for a professional in the music field, Buddy is here to help!

Guy Russo

Guy Russo


Guy Russo has been a professional piano technician since 2009. He studied piano technology under Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra’s piano technician, Peter Stumpf, and also holds a degree in music composition from Carnegie Mellon University.

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Local Partners.

"It was made clear to me that Music is related to everything, especially nature and language, but in order to speak it naturally, I had to first make myself a part of it."

- Victor L. Wooten

"A child playing air-guitar plays no wrong notes."

- Victor L. Wooten

"When playing music, it is possible to achieve a unique sense of peace."

- Daniel Barenboim

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